Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Malaysian Open Super Series

Today the Malaysian Open Super Series open is curtain. Stadium Putra that is the venue of the competition will see yet another world class sporting event. The start today is not promising since it is just the opening day and the heat of the game has not yet emerge.

I was browsing through the local papers but can't find any information about the competition but found only tennis schedule, a page full of horse racing schedule. Is the Malaysian Open not important and can't sell the newspaper? What is worse even the official tournament website (surfed at 8.18 on 15 January 2008) has no information about the matches to be played. Only the frontpage that carry the logo and sponsors can be found. This is Malaysia. Got to Badminton Association of Malaysia website and you will not find any information too. What a shame. We boast about Multimedia Super Corridor but websites are not updated.

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